Diplomatic Ways Of Cohabiting To Foster Peace, Unity And Tranquility.


Cohabitation is either by Diplomacy or Discord. The world powers (China, Russia and USA) are all cohabiting by diplomacy and there is no rancor. On the other hand, Israel and Palestine are close neighbor, however, there seems to have been a long standing outrageous discord for reasons that transcend economic or political of which the resultant effects have been rattling tussle from time to time which had called for the intervention of the United Nations .

From time immemorial It has been a normal human phenomenon ( probably due to genetic make up, or issue of survival of the fittest instinct ) in a world of high human population to resources ratio to exhibit a tendency of hostilities towards one another.

In the endeavors of human interaction where circumstances might warrant one of outburst of violence and exhibiting a glimpse of one’s bad side of being reflected towards the other party in contention with, two things needs to come into play;
The Third ( independent and unbiased) party intervention: such as regulatory institutions and
The God factor intervention: such as the religious institutions

So, the question is ‘ how do you cohabit with your neighbors at home, or co-worker in the Office ?

Food for thought!

According to Wikipedia, ‘Diplomacy’ is the art of practicing and conducting ‘negotiation’ among representatives of a state through the intercession of professional diplomats with regards to a full range of topical issues. In short, a diplomat ( noun) is in other words a negotiator or intermediary and diplomacy is the act ( verb),

In conclusion, it should be worthy of note that diplomacy doe not stop on relationship amongst nations at the international level but also trickles down to relationship amongst individuals, businesses, institutions, family members , which , is the driver that engenders peace, unity and tranquility in every clime for our species as human to survive and outlive all other creatures on our planet called ‘ Earth’.

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