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Feeling Feeble? Psyche up yourself with this Speech


Feeling Feeble?

You wouldn’t know how strong and resilient you are until you are confronted with a daunting challenge. Trying times and situations are times that  seems a hard nut to crack.  Are you feeling tired in hard times and have this feeling being feeble? psyche up yourself with this speech.

Have you ever tried studying this course “SWOT Analysis”? -It’s an analysis that tests the psychological capability of humans. It delves into the determination of the STRENGTH, WEAKNESS, OPPORTUNITIES, and THREATS that we all have embedded in us.

The problems we have is not that we are not strong, but the problem is that we are too weak to harness the opportunities that lies there silently in the face of a possible psyche challenge which poses a threat to us and therefore we give up too soon in the race when we are only an inch to get to the finish line.


 Be always Courageous to Yourself

However as soldiers and warrior sojourning the land of battles we are meant to be strong and courageous.

Non the less, I say congratulations to you in particular for your bravery as this  steadfastness on the battlefield. Cos you were just a novice when called upon to put on your armor. No one could have ever imagine seeing you surviving the harsh condition you were subjected to out there on the field as so many mines were planted and detonated that took away members of your platoon. However, by a stroke of chance and good luck you escaped.
You mentally and psychologically waded through the muddy water that decreased your momentum and closed the gap between you and the enemies line behind. This made the enemies to almost get you. Notwithstanding, in all, you were able to weather the storm, come out Alive and emerge as a winner. So I say “congratulations for being courageous in life, through the process to mentally psyche up yourself.

Would you match forward please as you receive your medal while all members of the troop applaud you in esprit de corps cos many had become fallen heroes but you have emerged as a living legend.

  • But take note, be ready for the next mission for the task ahead is greater than the formal cos we all know that a new level comes with a new devil.
  • remember, when feeling feeble, always psyche up yourself with this speech.


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