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My observation so far is that roughly 60- 80% of music artistes whose music are put out there have deep lyrical meaning pointing out their lives’ challenged concerning their mental states of being with regards to depression. However, they are people who have made great marks in their own quota and to a large extend to this world positively. These are people considered stars and celebrities whom people have or are modelling their lifestyles after and whose influence on the world is monumental meanwhile they write out songs out of inspirations from things ongoing their individual lives which from their points of view are considered unpalatable and burdensome . 

They write songs from their depressed States of mind and out it to the world while the supposedly “high and”, quote on quotes the complete ones ( the fans) dance to their tunes, adore, adorn even idolize and worship them as though they are gods.
This evidence could be likened to the analogy of the slave riding on a horse while the supposed king (the self acclaimed so called complete ones) are walking as entourage on foot in accompaniment to the horse rider ( purported slaves)

Juxtaposing this these two analogies, I come to a logical conclusion that “THE WORLD IS DEPRESSED”

The mathematical explanation is;
When A= B and B = C,
Therefore, and definitely ,A=C (Logic)


the philosophy: “the world is depressed”

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