Letter To My Love

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Somewhere In The Gloom

It’s been days of heavy downpour.

This season is quite reminiscent of the old past times of the ‘7 days’ torrential rain.
The whole ground is wet and even the soil has relinquished all efforts of ever accommodating any more water.
Moreover, a vast area of the pathways have been claimed by water as it has converted the roads to lakes and for this single reason my love,
I have been rendered a helpless lover as I have longed to reach you but all to no avail by that inconsiderate liquid which made virtually all roads impassable .

But guess what, I had written this piece of my mind in this sheet, turned it to a canoe and requested the stream to deliver this 4 words message about my emotions to you.
The message goes thus:
I’ve got just 1 way 2 say these 3 words 4 you that:
1 2 3
However, my footprint is in the wet sand by the river bank and is gradually being filled up by the surging water from beneath. When it fills to the brim, I shall know the message has reached you.

Blowing you kisses – and I know you are feeling it somewhere in the gloom.

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