When Mother Nature Heal


They say mother Nature is a serial killer
A natural way of reclaiming herself
From the burden of human cruel nature
She spits molten magma
She spew out surges of water out of her abundance
And reclaims her part of the share man had encroached over time
She covers the field with locusts
And swindles on man (her inhabitant) his toils and labors
To prove her supremacy over man’s intelligence
All these, as a way of boasting and relieving herself of the man’s pressure

But Mother Nature is also crying
She is shedding tears of blood
It is not her wish to do so
As she wishes to see human flourish In his endeavors
So she could boast to her counterparts;
Planet Mars, Jupiter and Pluto
Of her splendor.
As she screams: “ I have air,
I have atmosphere
I have water
And I have life
I am green.
Hey you universe!
Can’t you see the splendor of my beauty
The magnificence of my liveliness?”

But mother Nature, I say you:
“ You are a serial killer!”
Must you kill us to take hold of your self?
Now see Planet Mars your most envious neighbor
That red dusty closest planet amongst others
She makes jest of you
Eyeing your children to come take a taste of what she has
In her bosom to offer
Only if we (human) could invest in her
Bring her alive and become a competitor of your monopolistic advantage

Within a twinkle of an eye you blew a virus infested air into the atmosphere
And make an artistic painting on your face with an imaginary red viscous color paints of human blood—
Your own inhabitant
3000+ of breath are gone in China
4000+ In Italy
Spain, Iran, US
Africa, America, Asia, Europe
To say the least
And the number has not stopped
Humans scamper for compulsory hiding ( self isolation and quarantining )

What now differentiate you from your counterparts in the solar system?
Mars is red, and you also have become red
Mars is quiet and you also are towing the same path

Mars beckons on your children and in no time we shall be leaving
Elon Musk, the Space ship Builder is building the ship that will take us there
Scientist are already gathering their belongings
Economist, business men, politicians
And many more are making plans too, to leave.

Man moans and groans for the cruelty you have shown us recently
Mother Nature groans at the pressure man had perpetrated
On her over the millennia
We know you’re all we’ve got
As Earth has been our known natural home since age long
We both are hurting and affected
You “ Earth”, and Us
We’re sure you see us all as roaming ants who pester.
With our daily troubles and discord
But be assured our presence and influence on you is enormous
And is even a joy to your creator.

Heal us now, so we can heal you.

When Mother Nature heals,
The climate returns to its nature billions of years ago
When sickness and diseases were benign to human
Pollution becomes a thing of the past
The plants on the field flourishes and the Earth turns green again
The animals, reptiles, mammals, birds, fishes and crawling creatures reign

When mother nature heals
She cleans all messes being perpetrated on her for centuries
Gathering all ocean littered garbage
The skies are becoming cleared of Nitrogen dioxides
And CO2 emission pollutant permeated air
due to its own inhabitant
For self aggrandizement
As seen above China’s sky
Courtesy of the Space Station Satellite

When Mother nature heals ,
Man wipe up his/ her tears
And returns to work
We multiply, and replenish
And make the earth come alive

When Mother Natures heal
Man shall be happy
And the earth shall be happy too

When mother nature heals
Mother nature really heals indeed

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