Nigerians In Need Of Jobs and Wealth Creation.


Nigerian rich men should think of creating very big jobs and corporations so huge to accommodate your people to such that everybody would be engaged and with that you too could advance out of your shore to create huge multinational companies across the all African borders that can create job for others there and repatriate the revenue accrued from it back into Nigeria to develop the economy and build our reserves.

We shouldn’t be depending on foreign investors only.

Its not only about stealing money and embezzlement to save in soak away or outside the countries.

What about South African businesses affected in Nigeria? They are multinational companies ( belonging to the white minorities of the South African country ) and not black. Take note of that.
The edge we had over them was just that we have every resources you can talk of and we have the market for anything that comes into Nigerian boarder due to its population density and huge wealth among very few and fragment, those I call the wealthy who have the money to throw at anything.

We should make our brains works.

When we observe closely, Nigerian businesses affected in South Africa are just Small and medium scale business or single man businesses.

Let the Nigerian monies work in Nigeria then expand outside.

Citing examples of the Dangote group of businesses which are multinational.
We should see more of these people in the country.

Many rich men could even come together to create Limited companies whereby other African countries would be scrambling to come to Nigeria and seek for job opportunities.

Please, our millionaires, help us so that we can help you with our human energies that are dormant and some are even wasting away.
There is a terminology can “insatiation” in Economics- This is a natural law that guides human existence. Wealth cannot be enough to human regardless of human status as there will always be a contender in the different class of human endeavor with respect to wealth, fame and power. However, this maxim can be healthily applied in the acquisition of more wealth.
You ask how?
Answer: its time for many lf our Nigerian millionaires and Billionaires (apart from the few we have to go international, to have their names registered in Forbes Magazine, that is, to compete with world members of hall of fame in riches.
This would be achieved through their massive investment in the different industries they might be engaged, through a multiplier effect of creation of more jobs that engage the populace. Let them work while they are sleeping. Like a chain reaction, the poor are alleviated of their sorry conditions and are becoming well to do while the rich are also living in affluence and consequently, there is respite in the nation as everybody is occupied with positive thoughts of targets to meet rather than fulfilling “Devil’s workshop of an idle mind” theory.

As we all approach the era or establishing a settlement on Planet Mars as the chase to riches deepen, we might end up having our Affluent and richest people occupying Mars trying to “terraform” the planet with their wealth, while the Earth is filled with the rich and poverty eliminated on Earth.

As you may know it to be a natural law of order that no wealthy being would like being overtaken in riches- hence the massive migration of the rich worldwide to Planet Mars for a new experence.

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