Honey Is Good For Healthy Life

Food Poem

I may not have money
But I have honey

The search for the aged long awaited remedy
For all forms of malady
is my honey

The search for my honey is rare
But its here
And is near
As much as your care

My honey is thick and viscous
Viscous liquor with 0% alcohol
I mean its soul relieving and an intoxicating hot
But not alcoholic at all
As you thought

And my honey is also a sweet nectar
Juiced from the petals
Of many blend of ornamental flowers
Rich and thick
Just as blood is thicker than water

Spiced and garnished
With a whole lot of spices

Good for males and females
Black and white
Boy and girl
Man and woman
Young and old

I mean people of all ages
And races.
And I really mean it.

Good for all lovers
Such as lovers of joy,
peace and hope
Freedom from boredom
Lovers of love and life
Respite from stress and anxiety.

Even good for rest and S3x
Assuming you are willing to extend the list
To the next
Such as or in terms of Level Next

What is it used for?
And how does it work?
It cures all kinds of medical conditions
Linked to all forms of emotions
such as;
Oppression, repression depression
Dystonia, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, scoliosis and cyclosis.

What’s its mode of action!

It is first absorbed by your oesophagus walls into your stomach and sinks deep into the veins.
Absorbed by the veins, it flows viscously via the blood streams into the heart.
The distributions station (heart ) pumps and supplies via all arterial networks

Up and down
Left and right

It is pumped straight
To the main
I mean the brain.
Which is its main aim

And is the control station
For all cognitive functions

It lightens up your heart
And takes away heavy load of burden
Off your shoulder

Give it a try
And experience what I have been
trying to explain all these while

As they say,
The sweetness of the podding
Is in the tasting

You want my honey?
I mean,
If you want my honey
In exchange for money,
Make a call through to me.

I may not have money
But I have honey

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