Grow Up Gezu

Creation Poem Tech

Gezuz has been childish
For so many years
For as much time he knows he has earned
On earth
Just because he has never been having sex
And as such
Being a recipient of a whole lot of mess
Mess from same and opposite sex
Colleagues, peers and friends

Growing up has been a good thing for him
Growing up bodily, physically, spiritually,
Mentally, psychologically, educationally, socially, intellectually
Even politically and sexually
But not growing up emotionally
Such that would make him sexually fatherly

And regardless of his enormous exploits, achievements and accomplishments
He still remains childish in his mind
Maybe in his head
And accumulations of societal views of him over time
Whether by coercion
Or manipulation
Has instilled in his mind
And inadvertently made him settle
For their schemes
Of having the feelings
Of inadequacies
When little kids coming behind him
Keep replicating with progenies
That would span ages and time

This is an anomaly
Which requires an urgent attention
And adjustment properly

There is need for grow up
Not just talking about growing like a tree
With an infinite limit
But growing like a real human being
Who has blood and chemicals
Flowing inside of him

Gezuz is getting close to the stage of his grey hair
So, now and at this moment
Gezuz has no choice
No more
Butt to grow up.

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