Use and Refil:Drugs Are Poison, If Not Used Appropriately.

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Why medical practitioners recommend eating before medication?

Most drugs on their own are depressants in nature in that while they carry out their activities on the purposes of their usage ( eg antibiotic), they tend to decrease the brain chemicals. Reasons while you feel itches.
In order to counteract this effect, the brain gets its chemical derivation from the food one had eaten prior to medicine intake in order to refill the imbalance in the body system and good functionality .
My Opinion though

The reason why they say all medicine are a little bit of a poison (that is, if not used for the right purpose.
Are you of a different school of thought?
If you are, more lecture needed please.


You are not sick.
You are only being disordered(ENTROPY)
So, recreate yourself. However, the reordering and reorganizational process now makes you feel sick and at the same time sweet.
Oh no! What the heck.


The process of recovery is painful, buts its worth it( brain cells revival, restoration and rejuvenation ).
Ah! My God;
Different kinds of bizarre drug sides effects ( e.g electric shock sensation side effect) which also pass away with time.
*insect bite sensation side effect
*rumbling Tommy side effect
* muscle twitching side effect
* ringing in the ear side effect; as a result of chemical neurotransmitters passing through that channel like rushing water passing through a pipe from the body into the brain.
Just take it once daily or as prescribed and sleep and forget the 90% of the bizarreness.
Learn to cope with the remaining less severe side effects by day time.

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