Strategies Towards Awakening The Sleeping Machines And Resuscitating The Nigeria Economy


Much thanks to the leaders in the corridor of power of this great Nation’ Nigeria, both past and present on their bold steps in proving their mettles as creative and innovative in steering the Nation’s Ship with intelligent decisions that would fast track the growth of our dear project called Nigeria. This is a great commendable.

However, one must say that we still have much to do in the area of human empowerment and mobilization. In order to get it right here, I have come up with an action plan which I think if they are on the same page with me and accedes to this request of mine, Nigeria would regain it’s lost glory. Here is it explained below:

Resuscitate the moribund government owned industries across Nigeria and carry out a massive employment program of our young graduates being churned out in their teaming population year in and year out.
Take note that the mineral resources are still there underground lying fallow and untapped. E. G, Ajaokuta Steel complex (Kogi State): this place is a city on its own with massive structures and plants being built from the days of our historical military leaders, some who we still see in positions of authority till date. Take for example, the Administrative building built by Rt. General Gbadamosi Babangida, is an gigantic edifice equaling the height 20 floors with elevators still functioning but its interiors are empty in terms of workforce occupancy.

I bet it with you that thousands of graduates from all fields( Sciences, Engineering, Administrations), would be employed in this place. Same idea on this scope should cover others dormant and moribund, industries scattered around every regions of the country.
It is note worthy that the market for Iron and Steel is still available in the international economy.
The Nation’s economic equilibrium position would shift from being a consuming economy into a producing economy given the formula;
IMPORT > EXPORT = High Exchange Rate= NFLATION — Poor Economy
EXPORT > IMPORT = Low Exchange Rate = DEFLATION — Rich Economy

Attract more foreign investors to come build us up technologically so that we can become independent machine fabrications and invariably mass production of our agricultural resources, mining of our mineral resources and what have you.
Keep the youth engaged and busy because it’s a known maxim that ” an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”.
And don’t just allow some wicked fellows continue collecting allocations from the Federal Government on these projects and giving back no returns ( revenue generations to the federal government), yet keep starving the workers and depriving them of their statutory rights of livelihood in terms of salary payments.
With these strategies explained into to, the Nation is on a giant stride in positioning itself on a pedestal of respect amongst nations of World powers.,

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